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terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2015

Hello,My Dear Beloved one in God.

Hello,My Dear Beloved one in God.

May the peace of the Almighty God be with you and your Family Amen. My Donation to you.

With Due Respect  and Humility, I was compelled to write you under humanitarian ground. My name is Mrs Flordevilla Pingkiana, Philippines Origin but married with Late Sir Ratnavale from LONDON. I have took a personal decision to donate what I inherited from my late husband to the Charity, less privilege, building of schools and hospitals and also for the assistance of the poor widows and orphans. I am 64 years old and I was diagnosed for cancer since the past 3 years, immediately after the death of my husband. We were both married for many years without a child, I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money.

My late husband was The chairman/CEO of k: E global industries and a philanthropist based in LONDON. I have been touched by God to donate what I have inherited from my late husband through you for this charity work, rather than allowing it to become a Bank or Government abandoned property inheritance while many people and organizations are out there suffering and seeking for a financial assistant. My present condition has really thought me that all the wealth in this world is vanity, I have made up my mind to donate this money to the people in need so that God will have mercy on me and also accept my soul in HIS Kingdom incase I do not survive this surgery as this is my 5th surgery. I will be going for another surgery in few hours and according to my Doctor's comment my survival in this surgery is not guaranteed, I want to be sure that this fund has been donated to you before going for this surgery.

I have decided to donate this amount of (£2,5000.00 GBP)(Two Million, Five Hundred Thousand GBP) to you for this assignment, Charity, less privilege, building of schools, hospitals and also for the assistance of the poor widows, Motherless babies, Charity organization, CHRISTIAN OR MUSLIM, and orphans. I don't know you in person but God knows you,so contacting you for this assignment is a direction from the holy spirit of God to donate this fund outside this country through you as my late husband has already donated alot in this country, so you have to make sure that you use this donation fund as I have directed so that the name of the Almighty God will be glorify forever.

Your urgent response is required in this matter due to my present critical condition of my health,it was a Sister nurse working in this hospital that helped me to type this message, because I am loosing strenght every munites of the day. All I need from you is prayers that GOD will accept my soul incase I didn't survive this surgery. Also pray for the soul of my late Husband to rest in peace.

Please always be prayerful all through your life, we are visitors on this earth and we must be very careful in whatever we do so that our soul will not be a waste. I wish you all the best and may God bless you abundantly. I AM WAITING FOR YOUR URGENT REPLY WITH YOUR FULL CONTACT INFORMATION DETAILS.

Remain blessed in God. Yours
Mother Flordevilla Pingkian

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