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quarta-feira, 16 de março de 2016

Re: Great Investment Offer


In my search for a business partner I got your contact in google search. My client is willing to invest $10 Million to $50 million but my client said he need a trusted partner who he can have a meeting at the point of releasing his funds. I don't know how soon the investor can prepare to meet with you since he is into politics in Russia. While the investor prepare to meet with you, we need to prepare Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") as a partnership agreement with the needed below information's.

Any recent means of your identification and personal information such as Full name, Address, Tel/Fax Number, current statues, occupation.

I told my client that you have a good profile with your company which i got details about you on my search on google lookup. Can we trust you.

We can make a plan for a long term business relationship.

Please reply with the above needed details.

For and on Behalf of the Investor 395,
Shosse Kosmonavtov Perm, Russia
Tel: +44 703197576


Please find below a brief history of the core investor.

Mr Putilov Ander is a Russian business person and co-owns Eurasia Drilling Company. Eurasia Drilling Company is provider of onshore drilling services in Russia. He is a first generation entrepreneur and his wealth is self made.

In 1995 by Putilov Ander's consent Rosneft state-owned oil company made a deal that caused a $20 million damage to the RF state funds. Rosneft made an agreement with Rosetto Liechtenstein company. The agreement guaranteed assistance in selling of 400 thousand tons of oil. Almost immediately a buyer was found. It was another Liechtenstein company, Bobardo Anstalt. In fact, both offshore companies were established by the same person, Yan Goldovsky. Rosneft carried out oil shipment under Goldovsky's guarantee. Soon Bobardo company was liquidated and shortly afterwards Rosetto company stopped working, too. But beforehand the company received the money for its fictitious oil reserves from Rosneft. Source: Political news agency, 1999

At the end of 1990 Rosneft company managed by Putilov Ander got involved in privatization wars. Since Putilov Ander was pain in the neck for secretary of Security Council Boris Berezovsky and deputy prime-minister Potanin, Putilov Ander's career suffered at the conflict. There were no official reasons for Putilov Ander's dismissal as he was doing well and company's production increased, while company's projects were developing and there were no tax debts. Nevertheless, in April 1997 Putilov Ander was unexpectedly replaced with Yuri Bespalov, former head of the disbanded Industrial Ministry. Bespalov was an old man and had little to do with business but he was said to be "Chernomyrdin's man".

Changes in personnel caused a scandal, mainly among numerous foreign partners of Rosneft, who wanted to continue working with former president Putilov Ander. The government gave in and Putilov Ander was invited to the company as chairman of the board. Source: Partner, 1998

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