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segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2016


My name is Isaac Garang the youngest son of the Late John Garang the father and independent fighter of the South Sudan. Currently, I am currently living in Sweden as a political refugee. You can learn more about my father via
I have a document in my possesion which was sent to me by my late fathers lawyer concerning a deposit he made in my name in a bank here in Sweden, reasons I came here to seek for political assylum as a refugee. I am told that under international refugee laws I cannot do business. I spoke with an immigration lawyer who advise me to look for a partner outside Sweden and authorise the bank to wire the money to the person's account then I can now apply for visa with a written letter of invitation from the person inviting me over to his country. Note that the amount we are talking about is a very big amount.
Upon receipt of your response, I will tell you the area that I will need your help and note that I will compensate you heavily for this because living here as a refugee is not helping me at all.
Thanks and waiting for your response.
Isaac Garang.

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