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segunda-feira, 25 de abril de 2011

I am Chief James Ibori, former governor, and I am in desperate need of your help

I am chief james ibori, former governor in one of niger delta oil rich
delta state in Nigeria from 1999 to 2007.

I am in desperate need of your help, I got your email address from a
friend in the Nigerian Foreign Affairs Ministry,
I made some money while in office, and the total sum of Twenty Nine
Million, Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only
(US$29,900,000.00) For more information about my profile, please take your
time to visit my official website at

I have successfully moved this fund to a Security and finance institution
in madrid, spain through the assistance of one my former aide,
who is now the new Director-General (DG) of the Nigerian Diplomatic Courier.

The fund was deposited with the finance institution as "Family Treasure"
and in a trunk box, marked diplomatic luggage, and it was deposited with a
foreign name,Mr. Raul Thompson as the beneficiary to avoid being traced by the present
government of my country and united kingdom police,who are trying so hard
to extradict me to uk

I cannot front any of my relative(s) or aides for the claim of this fund
from the finance institution since it was deposited with a foreign name as
the beneficiary, neither will I front myself, as I'm being monitored by the Anti-graft
Agency of my country.

Hence, my decision to solicit for your assistance in this regard in order
to front you as the trustee to Mr. Raul Thompson on whose name the fund
was deposited.

Upon your acceptance of my proposal, I shall have my family attorney
contact you for further directives on how to effect the change of your
name to read the beneficiary of this fund,
which shall facilitate the claim on your name as the trustee to Mr. Raul
Thompson, and you shall be duly advice on how to spilt the fund into
several accounts in your country when transferred to you.

I have considerably agreed to give you 35% of this fund as a compensation
for whatever assistance that you shall give in this regard,
10% set aside to take care of whatever expenses that we may likely incure
at the course of retrieving the fund and the transfer to you,
while the remaining 55% shall remain in an account that you shall set up
in your country pending when I shall need it.

I do hope that I can trust you with this fund, as it is entirely all I
have left, which I plan to start life again when all this problem will be
And most importantly, if this transaction is executed perfectly, I shall
come over to Nigeria for other business negotiations when i am free,
especially on the issue of private business empire.

In your response, please do not forget to provide your full name(s),
address, phone number and any copy of your identification,
as required by my family attorney for the facilitation of the necessary
paper works.

Thanks in advance.

Yours faithfully,
chief james ibori

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